Sketch of Tylorstown

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Re: Sketch of Tylorstown

Postby GaryLockyer » Tue May 06, 2014 4:43 am

Hi again,

I well remember it happening but it was not in the Valleys at all.
It actually happened over near Bristol, but we had a large photo of the aftermath pinned up near our tyre inflation cage as a reminder to all the staff what can happen if they forgot to use the cage.
The photo showed the impression left by the poor lad plus the outline of the ring which was left on the ceiling where it occurred.
We must be close to the same vintage anyway, I will be 70 in August - which is when I plan to start thinking about retiring. lol.
I can remember the garage when it was in the nissan-hut - a large curved construction, right next door to the clinic, where my grandfather built the bungalow which is still there now. That garage had an small tin shed as an office which was almost on the road. We used to have the cinema posters stuck on the end of it for the shows in the New Hall and the fleapit. My grandfather used to get 8 free tickets a week as payment for letting them advitise this way. We were forever trying to stay in his good books so that we may get a couple to see the show/s for free. 2 bills in each hall Monday to Wednesday, and Thursday to Saturday with an A & B film plus the advests and shorts. It used to be a real adventure to go to the cinema it those days.
It was around about 1950 or so when that was pulled down and the present garage built.
It was well before the coronation, as I well remember standing on the wall outside when the royal visit occurred in 1953.
I have also recalled on other posts here somewhere the Festival of Britain celebrations in 1951 with the mural of Britannia on the wall of the toilet block at the bottom of Graig Terrace hill where it intersected the main road.
I invite you to browse some of my other posts about things such as Rhondda Terrace and the Ferndale Baths.
:P :o :lol:
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Re: Sketch of Tylorstown

Postby Cymro1 » Wed May 07, 2014 3:43 am

Hi Gary

I always thought and referred to Lockyer's garage as that big building on it's own just down from the old ash house but on the opposite side of the road. Top of Dolycoed . Don't tell me I've been wrong about that all these years ??

I also remember the other garage next to the clinic but it was the one lower down that I thought was Lockyers. It will be a shock to me if I've been wrong about that all this time.

Do you know Gareth Davies ? His father had the butcher's shop next to the workman's hall , Him and I are good friends but he llives in South Africa.

You may know Elfed Holloway also, let me know if you do.

All the best for now.

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